Welcome to a set of product case studies that drive impact for a diverse representation of customer and business needs. Utilizing multiple methods of design from UX/UI, Design Thinking, Service Design, and Strategy—these product engagements highlight leadership through facilitation, collaboration, and teamwork.

Kohl’s New-to-Credit Customer Experience takes a business need and turns it into an interactive customer journey with omnichannel insights, sentiment, and moments of opportunity.

Re-Imagining the Neiman Marcus App Experience informs a business need to increase app engagement by introducing new insight-driven features from talking with Neiman’s luxury shoppers about their digital and in-store experience.

Cobrand Upmarket Strategy brings together multiple stakeholders from internal departments and external partnerships around a common goal to optimize the customer lifecycle for a newly desired Upmarket segment.

Capital One Eno Virtual Numbers establishes an artificial intelligence capability that increases channel conversion of tokenized credit card numbers. This initiative brings together the innovation lab, enterprise, and application teams into a shared effort to establish a new product.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide a real-time capability for organizations at scale. See a condensed overview of ai concepts and engagements designed with people in mind.

Strategic Foresight methods enable teams to peer into the future of their product spaces in a playful and productive way to gain greater clarity as to what is possible and what to prioritize.