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Active Display

Active Display reveals incoming notifications quietly without having to wake your phone. This feature balances digital well-being while being a battery-friendly solution that encourages more time to be engaged in your life. c.2013

Publication number US20150082255 A1
2016 IDSA IDEA Digital Design Winner




Close to Home

Everything Within Reach

Operating within a layered depth and a four-directional gesture matrix (top, bottom, left, right); this accessible experience provides everything you need at the top level so there is no need to travel far from home. c.2010




My Personal Cloud

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MotoCast turns your home computer into your very own personal private cloud storage. Store content for secure access, sync, and stream directly from any of your devices. c.2011




Cyphertext and Cryptoblobs

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In an age of ever-decreasing privacy, the need for modern encryption methods gets amplified. CODR works as two encrypted typefaces (CODR1/CODR2) that overlay each other to reveal a hidden message. c.2014

Graphis Typography 3 – Award Winner





Community Biking

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Sproket is an ecosystem utilizing city biking as a means for daily commuting. Riders not only get to where they need to go but gain local rewards, share stats with friends, and protect the environment while getting exercise. c.2011




Empathy on Record

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Orthosis imposes disability by limiting mobility and function—reminding us of our body’s inherent ability while enabling our empathetic awareness. c.2014



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